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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

16? Really??

Hello again!

Just a quick little note today...I wasn't going to check in at all because I am caught up in a good book, but, well, this happened, and I was quite amused, and my daughter was not and so...here we go...

You see we are getting ready to send my 18 year old daughter south to college for the first time in a few short weeks...we still have a lot of shopping to do and a lot of prep work to do and there has been a lot of eye rolling whenever I try to prompt her to get to work on anything.

So anyway, she has been waiting anxiously for her room assignment... it was promised for yesterday and did not materialize...so when I ran by the house after work today to change clothes from scrubs to something decent enough to wear to my manicure appointment, it was with great amusement that I listened to her proclaim, " Mom, look I think they are having a problem, look at my room assignment! (this was said with great disgust and whining) I looked and shrugged, "what is the problem?" I asked..." I seem to have 16 roommates" she wailed... ""Oh, I said, I guess you got a quad room then". I am telling you the girl has totally lost her sense of humor over this thing. She was not amused...

Later the mascot, through face book, assured the incoming freshmen that it was' indeed, a mistake had been made and that no one had 15 or even 50 roommates! Whew, that was close!

My daughter is still not laughing...when do you think she will regain her sense of humor? I thought it was funny, I'm still laughing...lol

Stay Pink...pinkim

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  1. Well, I have to say the outcome is not 16, but it is not good. She did not get anything she asked for and she has been dumped in as a third in a room meant for 2. The two requested each other so she will be a third wheel. It is not even the type of room that she requested and she did not get either of the roommates that she requested for her quad room. She knows of at least one person that put in for her housing long after she did and that person got what she requested...I have a very unhappy girl on my hands.


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