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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings...

It's Wednesday and my mind is Wandering...and wandering and wandering...well...you get the idea...It is that time of the year! It is October, just 11 days out and there is PINK, beautiful PINK everywhere, and I don't have too many moments that are my own...Well, I do, but even those are not...if you know what I mean...
Not making too much sense so far am I? Well, let me try to clear this up...Today is October 12, 2011. Our local Maryland Susan G Komen Race for the Cure is scheduled for October 23, 2011. I am sure that I must have mentioned a time or two that I am the Survivor Activities/Tent Chair...A labor of love to be sure. 
However, there are a lot of things to be done and decisions to be made right now and there are all kinds of odds and ends to be done, emails to be sent, etc...you know how it is...Volunteers to be lined up etc...In fact, as I type I think of another email  that needs to be sent...sigh...
I have to tell you though, there is nothing like being there in the pre-dawn on that day and looking around in the quiet, with all of the excitement in the air, just before the masses hit, seeing the perfection that we have created...Then in minutes, it seems, the quiet is shattered by survivors and those there with them to celebrate ...the tent is crowded and noisy and there are poignant moments and tears and a lovely morning ensues...and then once again the quiet descends and we are all left with a sense of peace and a job well done, and a feeling that is almost impossible to describe.
We, my committee and I, plan all year for this and we try to make our huge tent a place of peace and fun and activity. We have photo key-chains every year, we will have Mary Kay mini makeovers, MICA students will be drawing portraits, and of course pink ribbon bagels and other food, and let's not forget the coffee. We make our table center pieces and they are to be taken home...It is a day like no other...Our race brings upwards of 30,000 participants each year and of those, roughly 2000 of them are survivors...We hope our tent is a refuge and a place of pleasure for them.
Wish us luck!!
I am sure there will be pictures posted!
But for now my mind is wandering in the direction of bed...
One of our survivor photos from 2010

We (survivors)sign these canvases with the "I" words each year


  1. super cute blog, and great post,too. hope you can check our my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also givingaway a Haute Tote bag + zippered pouch!xo

  2. Such a great event. I walked in it a few years ago with a group I'm in. It would be a great thing to do with Gage!


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