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Sunday, May 6, 2012

OK, It's Sunday...But My Saturday Sure Was Pink...And Priceless!

So what was priceless about it? You ask...Well not the bill, that's for sure...lol...
It was time spent...Time spent with my daughter, to be more specific...My little one is 20 now and as such, is a very busy one...You know how it is...School, work, friends, rest...homework...rest...
And then there is me...work, advocacy, meetings, and rest...It just seems as though neither of us are in the house together for any length of time...and if we are it sure isn't for any quality time...
Well, Saturday was different, and we realized it around Thursday. My husband was to be out of town for a graveside memorial service and both Caitlin and I actually had off Saturday. Together! We talked about what we might like to do...
We decided to go to Annapolis...First to the Mall, and then to walk around the quaint town...
We got a late start, but that was OK with us because neither of us are morning people...she got that from me:)
We hit the mall!
And what a mall!
Here is some of my loot!
This is a Brighton tablet sleeve:)
I like Brighton
Next we have a little Brighton Breast Cancer Purse:)
Aren't these cute?
Plus these two little goodies....
We just had to check out one store in particular that a friend of mine had been urging me to check out...and so...
We did!
So as you can see...in that regard...the day was certainly not priceless...lol...but as far as the spending hours with my daughter went, it sure was...Oh, and Caitlin?...She bought a bunch of stuff also! She got some great shirts and a beautiful wristlet! I don't have pictures of those...hmmm...Anyway...Priceless...We never made it to the docks to walk around, so we have already planned to go back! Another date with my daughter! Yay!
We then had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...Yum! All in All a great day! Oh, except maybe when the little boy threw up in the ladies room in front of her...oh well..Dinner was good...and fun...And I only had to close my eyes a few times...she drove...Have I ever mentioned that I am not a good passenger?
After Caitlin left for work today she texted me..."Sorry I'm never home"...You know what? Me too...but I can remember that I was never home at that age also...I mean, between school, work, and friends...you only end up at home to sleep! 
So as I said...A day with Caitlin...Priceless!

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  1. Hiya Miss Kim. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. How's my Goddog Bailey? I miss seeing him here. We worked at Dragon Boat last weekend. They had a team of pink warriors. I made a bunch of pink bracelets but didn't sell even one. I was surprised.

    Have a good mom days young one.


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