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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Simple Pleasure...Since 1995

They began manufacturing these in 1995! That year was a big one for me...Many of you out there may know that that is the year of my diagnosis...Breast Cancer became a member of our little family that day...
A few years later I was introduced to my first Horizon of Hope Basket, made by Longaberger(c) I didn't realize it at the time, but they began making these little treasures the year that I became a Breast cancer survivor...I have them all...

That is the 2012 version:)
I love it...of course, I love them all...

There it is with the lid on it:)

Along the way they began making other products too.
That one is a beautiful water bottle:)
You all may notice that it is full! Yes, I am being good and drinking my water! 
I passed 3 kidney stones since last weekend! Not fun, let me tell you...I think though, that I will save that one for another post...I have a picture...
Tell me do you all collect anything???

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Oh yeah! These little beauties help to raise money for the American Cancer Society, to be used for Breast Cancer Research:)


  1. Those are lovely keepsakes of hope! And three kidney stones - yikes! I've only had one before and it was worse than childbirth.

    1. Well, they weren't the biggest, but bug enough...

    2. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my little pink place:)

  2. Longaberger is a home company for me. Have you seen their headquarters? http://www.longaberger.com/homeOfficeFacts.aspx
    It's 10 minutes from my parents house (where I grew up) and we pass it going in and out of town every trip home :)
    I have one of these Horizon of Hope baskets - don't know which year. It's a small white oval one with pink and white fabric with a white lid. It's on my desk right now with paper clips and rubberbands :)


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