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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dioptics Solar Shield Sunglasses...

Kind of a strange subject for a blog, you think? Well, not so much...It is spring and the sun is shining...well, some of the time...lol...and if you are like me you need sunglasses even if the sun is not shining...sigh...Anyway, those aren't just any pair of sunglasses over there:) those are fit-overs  And just as the name suggests they are made to fit over your prescription glasses! So, when Vibrant nation's Vibrant Influencer Network offered to send me a free pair of Dioptics Solar Shield Sunglasses to use and review...well of course, I agreed... I have to admit, I was not convinced that they were going to work for me. I am very light sensitive and I have to have serious sunglasses!  I was a bit worried about that...I mean, here was this nice company sending me these nice glasses and I needed to do an honest review! What if I didn't like them!?! I needn't have worried:) First of all look at them...These are not your Grandparents Fit-Overs:) And they had a Pink pair! The are polarized! A must for me in the shades category...Now first, the color...I might have been a bit disappointed there...not really the fushia of the picture, but that's OK...
Next: coverage...they did a good job of fitting over my glasses and they are comfortable, not too heavy...They look great...Note: If you have large frames, these might not work, but just pay attention to the measurements when ordering yours...Speaking of ordering...mine were free but the list price for these is: 24.99 (very reasonable, I think, especially as they are polarized)
So to recap so far: They look great, feel great, and the cost is reasonable...
So, on to function...I believe that they function well. I was skeptical...they are not dark, but they still filter out the glare very well. I have been able to forgo my regular prescription sun lenses on a number of occasions without getting a migraine (this is stellar praise, indeed) I rarely had to squint behind them...another plus...squinting usually leads to migraines for me...On a midday at a ballgame or at the beach I would probably have to use my regular prescription lenses with the mirrored surface but under all other circumstances these work well! The convenience is wonderful, not switching glasses as you go in and out of doors:)
So overall, my conclusion is positive and I give these Dioptics Solar Shields Sunglasses a

That would be out of 5!
So that's it...I want to thank Vibrant Nation and Solar Shield for giving me this opportunity to review this product:) 


  1. My husband has a fit over pair of sunglasses and I call them his grandpa glasses :) These actually look cute!

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