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Monday, March 17, 2014

An Open Letter to CarMax WhiteMarsh, MD Service Dept.

Dear Carmax White Marsh Service Dept:
You may not care too much, but I need for you to know that you lost a customer today. I had an appointment for routine maintenance on my vehicle today at 10:00 am at your facility. It snowed. Big deal. Today is my day off and I treasure my days off as I have to be at work at 0700 on most days and I like to sleep in. But I got out of bed and spent a great deal of time cleaning the snow off of the car and making sure that I would be able to get to the fore mentioned appointment on time as I had been chastised at least once for being late to an appointment in the past. Let it be said that prior to the cleaning of the vehicle I did call Carmax to try to cancel the appointment as I really did not feel up to it, but was unable to reach anyone. Not wanting to be rude, and just not show up, I proceeded with the plans to arrive on time for said appointment...Fast forward to my arrival at Carmax, car parked, and walking toward the service department door. A young gentleman calls out Good Morning and asks if I am there for service, to which I reply, Yes. He proceeds to explain to me that the service department is closed until 12:00 pm. I look at him and ask him, what about my 10:00 am appointment? He explains that I will have to call at 12:00 and reschedule. I stare at him for a second and say, "Well that sucks, I got up and came in here on my day off" to which he replies, " sorry about that, there is nothing I can do" I ask why they are closed and he says , "Snow". I look around at the barely one inch...and I say, that I didn't get a call...He says that there is no one to call me, they are closed...I say, I called...He says there is no one to answer, they are closed...I ask if the parts dept. is open, as I would like to order a part...nope, closed...At this point, I am speechless and furious...I walk away...and get back in the car and drive away...Let me just say that I will be calling them...but not to set up a service appointment, that's for sure...and they will never again be able to get away with chastising me for anything! 
Let me be clear...I will for sure buy another car from Carmax...I bought a brand new Nissan and want to keep the service on schedule...I will not however, be dealing with their service department in the future...Who ever heard of a service department that doesn't serve on Saturdays anyway!?!

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