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Friday, September 17, 2010

So, Happy Anniversary to us!

Hi There!

My husband and I have an anniversary coming up. It is actually a week from today, on September 24, 2010. We will be married for 22 years on that day. We got married at 11:00 in the morning because I am not very good at waiting around for things to happen. One of my less endearing qualities...perhaps a post for another time...Anyway, we will actually be on a quick road trip on our anniversary because next weekend is our first parent weekend at our daughter's school! I may have mentioned a time or two that she is a freshman in college. The thing is, the only activity we will be partaking in is the football game...but, as usual, I digress...

Back to the subject at hand, Kirke always remembers our anniversary, he always gets me a gift. Usually over the years though, it has gotten to the point that I have usually been asked what I want and he gets or orders it and that's that...He always wants a gift card...BORING! So this year, I had decided that I just wasn't going to bring it up...I figured that if he didn't ask, I wasn't going to tell and we would be traveling anyway.  We have put out a good amount of money lately for both my car and Caitlin's school and a whole host of other things so...I was going to do the grown up thing...for a change...this is not my true nature, I must admit.

Well, I have been foiled, by my husband, I must wait until next year to show my newfound maturity...Kirke came up to me the other day and casually mentioned that since we were going to be down in North Myrtle Beach for the weekend of our anniversary he figured we would go out to dinner somewhere, but as far as a gift for me, he thought maybe he would like to get me the Charleston destination bracelet. Now I have to give you readers some back ground here...This is a fantastic thing. He and Caitlin went down to visit the college over the summer and he and she came back with the South Carolina destination bracelet for me and a smaller one for her on that trip. When she and I went down for a mother/daughter vacation prior to the orientation for which Kirke then joined us, it was with instructions to buy ourselves the Myrtle Beach destination bracelet. Which we did.

Charleston SC is by far my favorite city so far. Kirke knows that that bracelet was probably a desire of mine...So where was I? Oh yes, he says, I would like to get you the Charleston destination bracelet. I am very excited about this. I explain to him that I don't think you can get it anywhere but in Charleston so maybe we can make a trip down there...it is 2 hours from NMB...He is not keen on this because it is a short visit. He says he will check. I decide to let the matter drop, another first for me, I do not pursue the matter. A few days later he tells me that I am right, the store that we got the other bracelets from does not have it and cannot get it, they say you have to go to Charleston. But, he says, he has found a store based in Charleston on line that it looks like you can order from. I tell him that I have never seen where you can order a destination bracelet on line you usually have to get them at the source, or the destination...I am wrong, this is a shock, for this never happens...Kirke orders the bracelet...now we just have to figure out how to sign for it because we both work and it is to be delivered Tuesday...sigh...

Now, I am determined that I am going to force him to let me get him a decent gift and not some cheesy gift card! I am ready for a battle. So tonight when I see that the bracelet has shipped I say to him, so what gift would you like for your anniversary? To my utter shock he says...I would like a new iPod. I need one with more gigs. I have filled mine up...I seize on this! I say go to the store and get it, no shipping! He sys no, I will not, I will do ebay or amazon. I say OK but I want you to get what you want so you go do it...So this I WILL bug him about until it is done. Then I will be happy. This year when they ask me at work...and what did Kirke get...I will be able to give a decent answer!!! I can't wait!

So Happy Anniversary to us!!


  1. But I (underline, underline) like cheesy gift cards. Target, Walmart, Home Depot or Amazon. I can get what I want, when I want it, no fuss, no muss. I would never confuse practical with cheesy. Wives!

  2. I know, I know...but they are no fun to buy...


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