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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Musings and Meanderings...

Just got back from a Komen trip to Dallas...and on a side note here...I just added the word Komen to my dictionary because I am very tired of the ubiquitous red line appearing under that word:)...Anyway...I love my Komen trips (hehe, no red line) but the actual travel... not so much... First of all, because of the snow, I missed my connecting flight and so by the time I arrived in Dallas I had missed the Plenary portion of the meeting...Now, I was able to let those in the know, know...and so the slides were sent ahead to me and I was able to go over them at the airport...but still...So anyway, this was a grant review meeting with the Komen Scholar meeting tacked on. Now, the panel I served on was an interesting one and we had some wonderful scientific proposals that should really make a difference to the future of Breast Cancer. Having said that, as I looked around the room at one point it hit me that those sitting around me were the best of the best....Now, there are always a few...but these people were all in there...in. one. room. Incredible! All on one panel. I was right there with them...Wow! I am not usually struck by this...This also occurred to me ( that I am not usually struck by this)...I realized that they are not usually put together like that...I was impressed and honored:) 

I sure think we are making one:) An impact that is...
 Anyway...By the time I arrived and got to dinner...I thought I might get to the end of the plenary but no...anyway...My fellow advocates were there to welcome me with open arms (literally) and it was akin to coming home:) we are on our conference calls quite often and we work hard but in person meetings are rare and only take place a couple of times a year:) Priceless!
The reviews went well the next day and the panel that I mentioned earlier went over the proposals and they were discussed and rated...several panels ran simultaneously...I cannot divulge more information than that...
We had a lovely dinner that night where we all mingled and talked and laughed on a more personal level...
The next day the Komen Scholar Meeting was held. This is a group of researchers that are considered to be in a special category by Susan G Komen for the Cure you can find more information on them on the website...Komen Scholars...live link...
There also a few advocates on the Komen Scholars. I am honored to be among them and this was my first meeting. I have to say that it was well worth the travel hassles...BTW on my first flight towards home I had a Komen PhD Staff member on board with me...When she found out which panel I had served on she made the comment..."oh, you were on the Powerhouse Panel"...so it was not just me...That panel was really a who's who!
I think that I will end it here, but I will say that all of these internationally known Breast Cancer Researchers live and work in our own local communities! What that means for us, is that we can all get involved with them on a local level through our local Komen affiliate:)
They want us!
I will be happy to point anyone who is interested in the right direction!

I guess you can fairly say that I have certainly had my Pink on recently...I always do:)

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