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Monday, August 16, 2010

We are Home She is Not!

Or maybe she is...It was a good trip! We had a good time...There was an anxious moment when my daughter got an email the day before move in day, telling her that she did not meet the immunization requirements...I beg your pardon! She has too! and we sent it all in! Would they let her move in? Of course it was too late to do a thing about it at that point...We hung out and then finally, or maybe all too soon, it was time to go! I rode with her and DH rode behind us in his car. It was all very organized. As we drove up to the nice man in the uniform directing the cars as to where to go, she lowered her window and he asked her in his southern accent"yall know where your goin'" "Waccamaw Hall" she said softly..."Oh!" he fired off, "We tore that down yesterday" I laughed...as hot as he had to have been he had a sense of humor, they all did, and all of them were very helpful, in great humor, and very organized!

In no time at all we had everything off loaded and the cars parked and everything up to the room. We met the two very cute, friendly roommates and their equally friendly parents. There were some anxious moments when it didn't seem as though there would be room for Caitlin's things with all of the girls and boxes and parents there...then everyone but she and I cleared out and we got to work. When all was said and done, the room meant for two and actually being used for three, worked very well. This is in large part due to the thoughtfulness of the other two and their parents. One bed is lofted and the roommate using that one made a closet underneath by using a suspension bar, thereby leaving the closet space to be used for two as it is meant to be...nice...and then there is the refrigerator, microwave, flat screen, and on and on...The room and the girls are adorable!

Caitlin was feeling much better by the time we left and so was Mom...Of course it helped that she was able to fit all of the clothes that she brought with her!!

That happened Saturday, they had activities and meetings all weekend and we BBM'd and I got good vibes...it seemed she was having a good time and fitting in! She said we could come and take her to lunch on Sunday before we left...What fun...We did...I had some fun joking with the girls...before we left for lunch. took her a couple more supplies...they are all avid Ravens fans...I saw several jerseys being unpacked! Game nights should be fun!

So we said our goodbyes and it did my heart good to see the big grin when we arrived for lunch...It was a quiet ride home...she sounds good, we have skped a tiny bit. She is busy, this is good...I am too...this is good...we got home around 4:00pm today...I had a conference call...I was a little sad as I unpacked and put the stuff away in the bathroom and realized that Caitlin's isn't there anymore...

So I have had an empty nest now for about 3.5 hours...hmmm...not terrible so far...different though...I am so glad she is happy...

I do know this...I have left her in a good place. She has chosen well. Coastal Carolina University is a good place and she seems at home there already...This, I know is good...

Stay Pink!

PS...Oh, the email? We called today, it was a mistake, they sent that to everyone by mistake...she is fine! Of course, I knew that...


  1. I can only imagine how tough it is...the fact that she's so happy will help tremendously I think.

    And, you did your job and you did it well....now, she'll make you proud (well, MORE proud!).


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