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Monday, March 21, 2011

We're back! and Bailey is fine!

Hi Everyone,
Thank you to all of you that commented on my last post. To those of you that sent condolences and also reassured me, or at least tried to, that our cute little Eskie boy, Bailey would be fine at the kennel. You were right, of course, he was...I can only equate the experience to leaving my daughter at daycare...only somehow worse, because Caitlin had never been abandoned and then rescued just prior to being dropped off.

However, I made sure to give my husband explicit instructions on what to say to them about the situation when he took Bailey in. He explained that we had only rescued him 2 months ago and that he might feel abandoned again...I guess we have done a good job of making him feel very loved...

We had a pretty good weekend despite the reason for our trip. My FIL's cousin's are a delightful couple that have a pre civil war home that is huge and lovely, if not pink. They made us feel very welcome.

When we called to check on Bailey we were told that he was doing fine and that "he is very cute and he is a lot of fun" hmmm, I thought...they sure do know his personality...that's a good sign...

Well, we barely made it to the kennel prior to closing and so had to go straight there...no crate...no lead...Bailey is known to be a poor rider...carsick...I was to hold him on my lap...joy...

Love Squared...
We walked in and they said, "Oh, you're here to pick up Bailey! He is so cute! He had so much fun...He was my lap buddy...He ran up and down with the dogs next to him...he loves to play...He is so cute!...I'll go get him!" All of them were talking at once...He sure made a lot of friends...A woman carried him out...(that did not happen with the others) I heard her tell him..."look who's here!" she put him down and he charged toward us and around and skidded around the floor! It was so fun...We all laughed...His lap buddy came around to say goodbye...she will miss him...They will look forward to seeing little Bailey again in June when we go on vacation and we, OK, I, won't feel nearly as bad about leaving him with the people that have fallen for him just like we have...Bailey is a popular little guy...lol...

Oh, the picture? That's Caitlin and Bailey a while after we arrived home...they are having a love fest...He is just a little sleepy...He may have had a good time...but I think he is glad to be home!

Bailey is a cute little bundle of love!

Stay Pink!

PS, I think he liked riding in my lap on the way home...as someone that tends to suffer from motion sickness myself, I can tell you that being able to see where you are going makes a big difference...Bailey did not throw up on me!!



  2. Hi Mari, He sure is...I see you have cute the cutie too!

  3. Hey Nari, I meant quite the cutie...sigh...

  4. Thank you so much for your visit today and for all your very sweet comments. Of course you may copy the image. I found it on a very sweet lady's blog that does the designs to share. I think it will look very pretty on your pink blog. If i can remember who's blog it was I will let you know so you can visit her.
    Have a lovely evening! PS. Your Bailey is beautiful!

  5. I was worried when I saw the title. Glad to know my Godpup is just fine. :)

  6. Lol...BB Your Godpup is just fine...right now he is lying on his back with his feet up in his air! I am waiting for him to snore...

  7. Hi, what a cutie. I am a new follower through Networked Blogs and your blog title caught my attention. While I am not a survivor, I know too many people who are....so every year in October I make it my business to partake in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk her in our local park. If you get a chance, please check out my blog about it - http://beaderbubbe.blogspot.com/2010/10/making-strides-walk-today-oct-17.html

  8. Oh, Bailey looks like a snow-white-fluffy angel.

    I am glad she is okay....and so pleased that you are bringing awareness to breast cancer.

    xxx Kisses
    what a lovely blog in PINK.

  9. Bailey is adorable! It's hard to leave a dog at the kennel, but our guy always seems to have fun too :)


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